Celebrating Nine Years of Service and Excellence

We opened our doors on June 1, 2012. For the past nine years, we have approached our clients' matters the same way that Ted Williams approached hitting a baseball. Williams was methodical and thoughtful at the plate. Each time he stepped into the batter's box, "Teddy Ballgame" understood that his objective depended on the inning, the count, the field of play, and the number of outs. He picked his pitches, maintaining a disciplined strike zone. Williams studied his opponents' strengths and weaknesses and used prior history with a pitcher to his advantage. He learned from his mistakes and simplified, rather than complicated, every at-bat. Focus, discipline, fearlessness, and adaptability are words that embodied Ted Williams' approach to his trade. DeMoura|Smith has applied the same focus, discipline, fearlessness and adaptability to every at-bat for our clients, over the past nine years, on increasingly complex legal playing fields. We have our results to show for it.
Thanks to our clients, colleagues and friends for all of your support. We are grateful for your trust and confidence.
Posted on Jun | 2021
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