The Cost of Creating a Will

Many people ask about the cost of creating a Will. Prospective clients often expect costs to be minimal and ask why they cannot just purchase a Will from the internet. But, the real question is “what is the cost of NOT creating a properly drafted Will?”

Protecting your family and your assets is not just about gathering the necessary legal documents. Planning for the future entails looking at a family’s goals, concerns, and values through a holistic lens. It is important that, throughout the process, families are advised on developing a plan that takes into consideration their unique needs and is flexible enough to continue to meet those needs as they change.

If you join a gym, what you pay for is membership. You can visit that gym every day and work out. However, if you have specific weight loss or strength goals, wouldn’t you prefer to receive targeted guidance from an experienced trainer? Without this professional knowledge, how will you know if the hard work that you are putting in daily will allow you to achieve the results you are looking for? Consider obtaining a Will from the internet through the same perspective. Through this avenue, your purchase includes only a document. You will not receive the benefits of advice and guidance from an experienced attorney. Unfortunately, in the case of a Will, it will be too late once it is recognized that the Will has not met your specific needs. The cost of not creating a Will with an experienced attorney is significant. For more information, contact Sharna Favuzza at 781.914.3778 or email

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Posted on Nov | 2018
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