Condominium Development and Conversion in Massachusetts

Whether you are interested in converting your two or three family home, developing condominiums from a pre-existing structure, or building from the ground up, creating a condominium involves various intricacies that are often specific to your particular condominium. The condominium is its own entity, in that each condominium association should have its own unique governing documents and regulations that dictate the rights and responsibilities of individual unit owners and of those individuals designated or elected as trustees. You, as the developer, can tailor provisions of the Trust and implement particular Rules and Regulations that will guide the future unit owners. For instance, if you want a smoke-free building, you can create a provision prohibiting smoking anywhere in the building. Other potential provisions might include limiting loud music and excessive noise to certain hours of the day, controlling the number and size of accepted pets, or placing restrictions on an owner's ability to lease the unit. Such regulations serve to promote a more considerate and peaceful living situation for all.
Effectively drafted documents are the key to creating an amicable and self-sufficient condominium association.
From creating the condominium documents to negotiating the Purchase and Sale Agreement to closing, the processes of developing and selling a condominium are highly nuanced. It is important to contact an experienced attorney to guide you through this process. Contact Aisha Milbury Ellis at (617) 535-7531 or for assistance.
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Posted on Dec | 2018
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